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Wine, Beer, and Spirits in Simsbury, CT

The Wine House has a great selection of main stream and eclectic wines from all over the world. Our temperature controlled wine area has some of the best past vintages available. We pride ourselves in finding our customers those hard to get wines, liquor and beer too. If we don't stock your favorite items let us know they will be very soon!


Established in 1955.
The Wine House, formerly RJ's and J&E is the original wine shop in Simsbury, with long history in the town. We are the second owners of the store, and have continued to expand the wine selection!

Bill Daum took over the business in 1996. He has a great knowledge of wine. His simple philosophical view on wine is, “Drink what you like with whatever. Don't take someone else's view on what to drink make it work for you.” Ask and he'll tell you a secret on how to make any wine go with what you're having!
Wine Tastings are held on Friday nights from 4-7pm. Bill features wine he has in stock and offers tasters information about the featured wine, its aging process and what food it might pair well with.

The wine house has a home-town atmosphere and the owner knows many of his customers by name and greets them. Suggestions may be made based on his customer's tastes. Banter is exchanged and the store is supportive of the local community and participates in local events.

Prices are reasonable and compete with larger chain stores. The Wine House offers personal service, warm greetings and knowledgeable answers to your questions. Stop by and visit.
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